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Need some help getting started? 


Guided Meditation 

  • List one thing you are grateful for? 

  • Someone you are grateful for? 

  • A memory that feels your heart with joy 

Good Grief 

  • How do you think grieving has affected your life and how you interact with others?   

  • What are some steps you have taken to move through the grieving process?   


Takeaways from our Mythbusters:

  • Joe: Seek out an individual to express yourself to today.  Show up and be vulnerable with someone as you may be surprised how that energy is matched. 

  • Cole: It’s understandable to not feel comfortable going to see a therapist right away. Always practice self healing, self-worth, and self love in whichever way that works for you. TIP: Here are some ways to release what's bottled up inside of you–voice memos, journals, prayer, meditation. 

  • Marcus: Talking about the past will free yourself. Take advantage of safe spaces to vent and express.

  • Jay: It's okay to feel, it’s a human trait. Allow yourself to process and heal. Healing is a journey and wholeness is destination. It is not going to be straight or short, it's a journey.

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