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Couple's Session: Power of Connection

22 minutes


The Power of Connection is a video presentation designed to give couples an engaging experience that will encourage çloseness in your relationship. The guided  exericises will empower you to deeply connect with your loved one and build the intimacy between you. 

The drama-free drama coach and personal greatness guru. Two decades as a drama therapy specialist has allowed her develop a life coaching program that uses proven acting techniques to help you create the life you want and release your inner gladiator for greatness. Having served as a communication specialist for the Emory School of Law training program for more than four years consecutively, Nevaina is a master communicator able to compel and enhance the understanding of individuals and groups to think more positively, act more effectively, and live more intentionally. Her eloquence and insight has allowed her to speak nationally and internationally.

 She is a woman on a mission as a highly effective healer with a unique ability to help women reclaim their power. Nevaina is the answer to the question and the solution to the problem.


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