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Willing to share your thoughts on today's events or the weekend as a whole? We'd LOVE to hear.




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Need some help getting started? 


Beginner Yoga 

  • A moment of selfishness needs to a lifetime of selflessness.  

  • Taking time for yourself is not selfish, we need to take time for ourselves so we can help others. Did you carve out time today for yourself?  

Self-Affirmation Workshop 

  • What did you learn about the power of words and affirmation that you did not know before this session?  

  • What are you committing to implementing in your daily life after listening to this session? 

The Power of Connection 

  • Energy grows where intention goes. Remember to be intention with all that you do. 

  • Ask yourself today, Am I here or am I present? There is a difference between being here (occupying space) & being present (you are affecting and being affected by space that you occupy). 

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