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Balance & Flow Yoga

1 hour


Build on the fundamentals of yoga as we start with the basics and build up to a more challenging flow to enhance balance, strength, focus, and the art of breathing. All experience levels are welcomed. Watch the recording from the live session below.

Don't have a Spotify account? No problem. Search "yoga music" in any

 streaming platform or YouTube.

Known as “Rasta Yogi,” former NFL wide receiver turned yoga instructor Derrick "DJ" Townsel is on a mission to share his passion for fitness and yoga with the world. The self-taught yogi began practicing in his living room, and has experienced transformative mental and physical balance since leaving the game. He has turned his self-taught practice into a teaching career that has reached hundreds of thousands through social media, teaching tours, retreats in Sri Lanka, Bahamas, Peru, and Egypt, and a season one semi-final appearance on NBC’s The Titan Games with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. 

CONTACT INFO: @dade2shelby

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